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Yakima Valley Map

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Yakima County Clean Air Authority
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Email formula for all county staff: first name + first surname letter, no spaces, all lower case, e.g., John
County Toll Free No: (800) 572-7354
Authority Main No. (509) 574-1410 • FAX (509) 574-1411
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Write to: Clean Air, 6 S. 2nd St. #605, Yakima, WA 98901


q Les Ornelas (509) 574-1410
Regional Clean Air Authority staff roster and salaries
Patricia Garcia, Office Tech., $23,544
Patty Gipson, Office Asst., $21,168
Leslie Ornelas, Director, $62,100
Cynthia Pelatt, Program Rep., $27,948
Gary Pruitt, Program Coord., $36,456
Anthony Ross, Air Quality Spec., $37,512
Thomas Silva, Sr. Engineer, $43,848
Charles Stansel, Program Rep., $32,400
Elizabeth Tabayoyon, Off. Coord., $32,412
Hasan Tahat, Engineer, $35,388
Robert West, Program Rep., $31,464
Richard Yanez, Air Quality Spec., $34,332

Citizen wrath creates a sort of smoke which is against regulations.
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